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There have always been many voices saying “This is the way to know God.” Today’s media explosion has created more voices and more confusion. Why then another? Our purpose is to share truth to help strengthen your relationship with God and with other believers in your locality.

Personal connection with other believers cannot be replaced by the mass media. It is much more satisfying to have a deep spiritual relationship with ten believers than to be in a crowd of ten thousand. Every individual is important to God, and His plan involves each one in a very real way. There are things that are important to God that can only take place in close personal relationships.

The goal of God is to build a family of His children together in love, walking in truth. Personal submission and obedience to Christ will bring conformity of each member to Christ, and a growing expression of the nature of God in a local gathering. The testimony going out to the world around will be as a “light set on a hill that cannot be hidden” and “the pillar and ground of the truth.”

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Apr 21, 2016

Episode 22: The Ministry of the Shepherd

God’s leadership in His church is the ministry of the shepherd. It is a leading and serving ministry, not a driving or dictatorial function. We are all sheep and sheep need a shepherd. Christ is the Chief Shepherd, and He has enlisted men of His choosing to perform that function in each gathering. Their ministry is very critical as it sets the tone of the entire gathering. A gathering of believers will not rise above the leadership of that gathering. Individuals may to some extent go on beyond, but the gathering as a whole is formed by the leadership. It is an awesome responsibility.

• The ministry of shepherds (pastors) is to lead into green pastures
o Give leadership as needed
o Lead into peace (beside still waters)
o Ensure nourishing food (effective, meaningful ministry)
• Shepherds oversee the public spoken ministry (prophets and teachers)
o Able to teach but may or may not have a teaching ministry
o Encourage ministry in needed areas
o Give helpful feedback to the ministers
• Shepherds protect the flock from dangers
o Unseen until danger arises, then takes action
o From without (false teachers, doctrines, influences)
o From within (conflicts, unspiritual movement)
• Shepherds care for each member in a personal way
o Observe growth
o Identify needs
o Help resolve problems (bind up the wounds)
o On call, available for fellowship
• Shepherds do not do all the work but enable each member to function under Christ
• Shepherds present the flock to the owner (God) (I Peter 5:1-4)

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