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There have always been many voices saying “This is the way to know God.” Today’s media explosion has created more voices and more confusion. Why then another? Our purpose is to share truth to help strengthen your relationship with God and with other believers in your locality.

Personal connection with other believers cannot be replaced by the mass media. It is much more satisfying to have a deep spiritual relationship with ten believers than to be in a crowd of ten thousand. Every individual is important to God, and His plan involves each one in a very real way. There are things that are important to God that can only take place in close personal relationships.

The goal of God is to build a family of His children together in love, walking in truth. Personal submission and obedience to Christ will bring conformity of each member to Christ, and a growing expression of the nature of God in a local gathering. The testimony going out to the world around will be as a “light set on a hill that cannot be hidden” and “the pillar and ground of the truth.”

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Aug 18, 2016

Episode 39 Will the church pass through the Great Tribulation?

Will the church pass through the Great Tribulation here on this earth? This is a question of great controversy among many today. There are strong differing views among many of God’s children. In light of the conflict, does it make any difference what we believe? Can we know the truth? There are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of books written on this subject. And the positions taken by teachers are not taken lightly, but rather come out of very sincere study of the scriptures. With this as a background, how could we even begin to offer anything that may be of value on this subject? Yet even with all of that, I would like to offer some input that I trust will be helpful. I do not pretend to be an authority on this subject, but there are few truths that seem very clear to me that I pray will help.

• Israel and the church
o The church is not spiritual Israel
o The church is the bride of Christ
o God has one plan for Israel, another for His bride
• Israel
o Was God’s chosen “nation” to reveal Himself to the world
o Was “cut off” when they rejected Christ (Matt. 21:43)
o God will again deal with Israel (fulfill all prophecies)
o Christ will one day physically reign as King in Jerusalem over the whole world
• The church
o Began on the day of Pentecost
o Is described by Paul as a “mystery that was hidden but now revealed”
o Is the Body of Christ here on this earth at this time
o Is being prepared to be “married” to Christ
o Is caught up from this earth at the rapture
• The Great Tribulation
o Will be like no other (the wrath of God poured out on ungodliness)
o God has not appointed the Bride of Christ to undergo His wrath (I Thess. 5:9)
• Our Hope
o The appearing of our Lord and Savior (Titus 2:13, I Peter 1:3-13)
o The marriage supper of the Lamb (Rev. 21:9,10)
o Our responsibility is to be prepared (Eph. 5:25-32)

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