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There have always been many voices saying “This is the way to know God.” Today’s media explosion has created more voices and more confusion. Why then another? Our purpose is to share truth to help strengthen your relationship with God and with other believers in your locality.

Personal connection with other believers cannot be replaced by the mass media. It is much more satisfying to have a deep spiritual relationship with ten believers than to be in a crowd of ten thousand. Every individual is important to God, and His plan involves each one in a very real way. There are things that are important to God that can only take place in close personal relationships.

The goal of God is to build a family of His children together in love, walking in truth. Personal submission and obedience to Christ will bring conformity of each member to Christ, and a growing expression of the nature of God in a local gathering. The testimony going out to the world around will be as a “light set on a hill that cannot be hidden” and “the pillar and ground of the truth.”

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Jan 5, 2017

Episode 59 Spiritual Warfare

What is spiritual warfare? This term is often used today, but the meaning behind the term is quite different in many cases. Are we involved in a war? If so, what is the war and what are the weapons of this war? Let us turn to the scriptures for guidance in this matter. It is very easy for us to take bits of scripture here and there and construct our own idea of the conflict based on our own reasoning as relates to our current situation. It is challenging to step back from the immediate conflict and gain God’s view. But I believe this is the right way to come to God’s answer. Then we can view our current situation properly and know how to go forward in God’s grace.

• The war is between God and Satan
o The conflict originated in heaven
o The conflict is a conflict in authority (who will be God)
• The conflict was brought to earth when Satan deceived Adam and Eve
o God gave Adam authority over the earth
o Satan usurped that authority through deception
o Satan is called “the god of this age” (2 Cor. 4:4)
• Christ won the conflict with Satan at Calvary
o Now is Satan cast out (John 12:31, 14:30, 16:11)
o Jesus won by submission to the Father (Phil 2:5-11)
o In the resurrection the triumph was complete (I Cor. 15)
o All authority has now been given to Jesus (Matt. 28:18-20)
o Satan is now a defeated foe, waiting for his final doom
o God leaves him loose for His purpose
• Our victory is “In Christ”
o We enter into union with Him in the Spirit
o We are now seated with Him in heavenly places by faith (Eph. 2:1-10)
o His victory is now our victory as we abide in Him
• Some key elements in our warfare—having done all we stand (Eph. 6:10-20)
o Truth
o Righteousness
o Gospel of peace
o Faith
o Salvation
o The word of God
o Prayer

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