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There have always been many voices saying “This is the way to know God.” Today’s media explosion has created more voices and more confusion. Why then another? Personal connection with other believers cannot be replaced by the mass media. It is much more satisfying to have a deep spiritual relationship with ten believers than to be in a crowd of ten thousand. Every individual is important to God, and His plan involves each one in a very real way. There are things that are important to God that can only take place in close personal relationships. Our purpose is to share truth to help strengthen your relationship with God and with other believers in your locality. The goal of God is to build a family of His children together in love, walking in truth. Personal submission and obedience to Christ will bring conformity of each member to Christ, and a growing expression of the nature of God in a local gathering. The testimony going out to the world around will be as a “light set on a hill that cannot be hidden” and “the pillar and ground of the truth.”
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Nov 30, 2017

Episode 102 Fathers lead the family

The family unit is God’s basic structure for the human race. To achieve God’s purpose, the family must function as one. The Father is given the privilege and responsibility to lead in that purpose under the direction of God with His unlimited grace. To realize God’s great purpose in the family takes God. So many families, even Christian families, so often fall short of what they can be. Yet God has made full provision for the family to be the most precious place on earth for all the members. To experience the riches of love and achieve the end goals that we and God desire we must follow God’s order and draw upon the grace of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Today we focus on the Father’s place in giving leadership in the family.

  • The father leads by example
    • Alive unto God
    • A disciple of Jesus Christ
    • Demonstrates the character of God
    • Walk in truth and love in humility
    • Maintain active fellowship with other brothers
  • The father is responsible to impart vision to his wife
    • Must see all things through God’s eyes
    • Bring his wife into God’s vision
    • Enable his wife to fulfil her place in the family
    • Always consider husband and wife as one
  • The father is responsible for the training of the children
    • Needs a clear goal in mind
    • Continuously evaluate the family as a whole
    • Bring light for each child to walk in according to maturity
    • Encouragement and challenge held in proper place
  • Authority is often the point of conflict
    • Respect must be earned
    • Always with a servant’s heart
    • Never shifting blame to his wife
    • Make difficult decisions when necessary



Nov 23, 2017

Episode 101 God’s Order in the Family

God’s plan in the family is under great attack today in the world. Along with that, God’s order concerning man and woman are equally under attack. When families depart from God’s original plan, the end result is failure in so many ways. God is the One who designed the family, and if we want to achieve God’s result then we must understand His design and order our family accordingly. With the pressures that are all around us to change as a result of our shifting culture, this is not easy. Today we go back to look at God’s plan that we may see more clearly how to walk in truth for His purpose and glory.

  • God instituted the family
    • He created man and woman
    • He stated the purpose of the family
    • He gave husband and wife each their roles in the family
  • Men and women are different
    • Physically
    • In their natural capabilities and instincts
    • In their God given roles in the family
  • Husbands
    • Are responsible as “head” or for leadership
    • Loving as Christ does the church (Eph. 5:25)
    • Laying down his life (not living for self)
    • Lifting his wife up as one with him
    • Modeling our heavenly Father (example)
  • Wives are responsible as a “helper” (Gen. 2:18)
    • Taken from the side of the man (heart)
    • In submission as church is to Christ (Eph. 5:24)
    • Lifting her husband up by honor and respect (Eph. 5:33)
  • God sees the husband and wife as one
    • The woman was taken from the man
    • The man and woman are united in relationship
    • True oneness is only possible in the life of God



Nov 16, 2017

Episode 100 Encouragement in our walk with Jesus

Christianity can be complicated. How many Bible Schools are there that seek to teach the proper doctrines, yet there are many differences that divide and often in a very deep way. Why is that? Is there an answer? Is unity in Christ Jesus possible? Jesus prayed that we may be one, even as the Father and He were one. Yet if we look around us at the general world of Christianity, oneness does not seem to be the characteristic. If it is, it is often on the surface level. The oneness of the Father and Son is not superficial. They are one in life, in very essence. Today I want to share some simple encouragement with us that I trust will be of help in our walk with Jesus.

  • Be faithful to your relationship with Jesus in the truth that He has made real to you.
  • Be faithful to the brothers and sisters God has put in your life
  • Be content with the “ones and twos”. God will take care of the multitudes
  • All truth is important when God brings it to you (don’t evade)
  • There will be opposition
  • There will be failure (not all will go on with Jesus)
  • There will be cost that will require sacrifice
  • There will be emotionally challenging times
  • Truth does take time to assimilate and walk in
  • God is in charge
  • It is a spiritual battle
  • We must avail of spiritual weapons
  • Focus on knowing God—That will overflow in our whole life
  • There will be times of failure in our lives—get up and keep going
  • The battle was won at Calvary. Our victory is to stand in His victory
  • Our passion is to know Him (Phil 3)



Nov 9, 2017

Episode 99 Christianity or Christ?

In our world today, there is a great religious system called Christianity. It varies in many details, but the one common feature is Christ. However the big question is what is the place of Christ? Is He only a historical figure, or is He given His place as Lord of Lords? Religion is one of the enemy’s greatest tools today, and Christian religion is probably the most dangerous because it is so close to the truth. It is based on the Bible and embraces so many things that are very good. Yet at the core of so much that goes in the name of Christianity, there is serious error and mixture that leads men astray. It leaves them with a form of godliness, but not in union with God. Today we want to try to show the difference, not just to be critical, but to avoid the snare of the enemy and be found in union with Christ both now and for eternity. (Philippians chapter 3)

  • Religion
    • A system of doctrines, practices, and rules of personal conduct
    • Christian religion, the above based on the Bible
  • Christ
    • A historical figure, a great teacher
    • The incarnation of God (Son of God)
    • The glorified Lord, reigning at the right hand of God
  • The Bible is a record of the expanding revelation of Christ
  • God’s purpose is now that Christ would be revealed in each person (Gal. 1:15-16)
  • True Christianity is Christ revealed in a collective gathering of believers
  • The Cross is the basis of everything God is doing today
  • God’s ultimate goal is that God may “be all” “in all” (I Cor. 15:20-28)